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About us

Discom is an independent record label, distribution and mail order with a mission to promote lesser-known music from the former Yugoslavia.

Our goal is to give some quality unreleased or hard to find Yugoslavian music a second chance and present it to the international public. 

We serve artists in the field of record production (artwork, vinyl pressing), audio production (mixing, mastering), video production, promotion (on line campaigns, advertising, DJ promotion, radio promotion, music criticism), distribution, retail, content protection and licensing striving for high professional and aesthetic standards. Large network of associates, suppliers, distributors and stores enables quick sale and make us one of the most attractive record labels in this part of Europe.  All our releases we press in Pallas record plant in Germany, one of the oldest in the world, providing an excellent quality of vinyl.

We started our work with Boban Petrovic-Zora LP under Disco Not Disco label. This reissue took 1 st place on Juno Records Best Seller List for two weeks in July 2014, leaving behind more than 30 000 titles. Our releases that came after Max Vincent-The Future Has Designed Us LP and Sizike-U Zemlji Cuda With Lost DATA Tracks LP also met warm reception by audience and critics worldwide. On November 25, 2016 we issued Yugoslavian Space Program-the first ever electronic space music themed record from former Yugoslavia!

In 2017, we released 37°C-Sidarta LP-absolutely unknown ex yu ambient jazz fusion gem, and DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind? LP- the first ever remixes and original synth pop songs made under the influence of Yellow Magic Orchestra and Logic System in the former Yugoslavia. 

In 2018, we issued 2 archival releases which contain previously unpublished material: Max Vincent-Beograd LP, a conceptual synth album and Concequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP, a compilation of earliest Belgrade's electronica with italo-disco feeling. In addition, we launched our new branded merchandise: Discom tees and bags and we opened Discom distribution with 4 new Yugoslavian archival gems. This year Discom was the first ever label from this part of Europe who participated in the world's largest independent record fair: Independent Label Market in Brussles April 7-8. 

Looking forward to bring you more music from Yugoslavia's overlooked heritage!