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Andrej Kljakovic-Return To Forever, Digital Album (WAV)

by Andrej Kljakovic


Andrej Kljaković is a composer, pianist and visual artist, best known for his work with Digitron, Voices Of Nature and Kljakovic Eklektik Company. Born in Zagreb, he studied classical piano and later at The Jazz Conservatory in Paris. Kljakovic played in several progressive bands in former Yugoslavia, and in the 90s he worked as a producer and songwriter in London (V2, Universal and Sony/BMG Bucks Music Publishing). He composed Tesla Rock Opera, multimedia opera Transfiguration and the audio-visual project Return to Forever, where apart from music he created all visuals.

Album description:

When we delve into our deepest recollections, we discover that we are related to every atom of life. We drift through our flaws, looking for answers. Our human curiosity propels us deeper into the universe and closer to our own I was composing 'Return To Forever' music, watching video images that I chose to suit certain moods and atmospheres like in the style of making a film score. So it was like making a sound to a picture. Then I created a story that brings future to the past- reversed arrow of time. As story starts with exploration of the Universe and ends with the creation of Earth and its nature. 'Return To Forever' has no beginning, and no end. It's in the constant loop cycle of the 'Extended Now'.


1. Pebble In The Sky Part 1 3:46
2. Pebble In The Sky Part 2 4:21
3. Medusa Suite 6:06
4. Quandam Abscissa 4:29
5. Moonligh Dance 4:35
6. Ghost In The City 3:10
7. Planets Of Hope 1:54
8. The Wisdom Of The Sands 7:27
9. Rain Poet 5:55
10. Matta Dancers 2:21
11.Winter Dreams Of Thaw 7:14
12. Apoapsis 13:14

Composed and produced by Andrej Kljakovic
Artwork by Andrej Kljakovic and Lino Rocha
Published by Discom
©2023 All Rights Reserved