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Beograd-T.V. EP, ANNA 036, Hand Signed Limited Edition (Intl. Registered Shipping 5 EUR)

by Beograd

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In collaboration with group Beograd and Anna Logue Records, Discom distribution presents you an official reissue of the first ever electronic record in former Yugoslavia: Beograd-T.V. EP, ANNA 036 hand signed by three founding members. This reissue contains two remastered songs from the original Beograd- Sanjas Li U Boji?/T.V. SP, Jugoton 1981; song "Mrak" from Beograd-Remek Depo LP, PGP RTB 1983 and two unreleased demos "T.V." and "Mrak". It comes with UV varnished sleeve and natural matte double-sided DIN A6 hand signed postcard with lyrics in English and Serbian.

The EP opens with the title tracks " T.V.", a beautifully produced dystopian vision of modern society: " By pressing the button you start your day. By pressing the button you make your dream come true. A screen shows everything you wish and everything you know." It seems incredible that these verses were created more than 37 years ago. The next song "Sanjas Li u Boji ?" (Do You Dream in Colour?) is a perfect example of cold, wave sound produced on Korg MS-20, Korg Mono/Poly, Korg PolySix, SC Pro-One, Roland TR 808, Roland CR-78. Song "Mrak" (" Dark") on the B side paints the dark atmosphere of cold synths, urban landscapes, and feelings of distress and loneliness. The next demo songs "T.V." and "Mrak", although quite poor quality, complement the archival value of this release.

Don't miss this beautiful piece of electronic music history!

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic


A side:

1. TV
2. Sanjas Li U Boji?

B side:

1. Mrak**
2. TV (demo)
3. Mrak (demo)

Music, lyrics, synthesizer: Dejan Stanisavljevic
Bass, synthesizer: Ljubodrag Bubalo
Drum machine: M. Bubalo** (tracks: B1)
Synthesizer: Aleksandar Rodic

Redesign: Steve Lippert
Remaster: Anders Peterson

© 2011 Anna Logue Records, Dejan Stanisavljevic, all rights reserved.