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Beokraft-The Time Machine LP DCM-011 (180 gram Vinyl, Limited Edition)

by Beokraft


In these difficult times, Discom put an immense effort to bring you some amazing music with a special new release: Beokraft- The Time Machine LP. Beokraft is a true supergroup of Yugoslavian electronic music pioneers Dejan Stanisavljevic (group Beograd), Zoran Jevtic (DATA, Sizike, The Master Scratch Band), Nikolaj Bezek (Consequential). The Time Machine is their album inspired by Kraftwerk- the fathers of electronic music.

The album consists of three parts with each artist creating their own repertoire of three songs. It begins with Nikolaj Bezek and his core Kraftwerk approach: simple musical phrases combined with striking rhythmical patterns and huge analog effects, especially the vocoders. Tracks The Time Machine, Robot Men and Transformator are beautifully rounded, almost like a memory lane to the early Kraftwerk's world from Autobahn, Radio-Activity and Trans Europe Express.
The similar impression continues with Dejan's Stanisavljevic's part, but in a broader context. In addition to his composing and arranging skills, Dejan shows exceptional talent to describe contemporary phenomena in Kraftwerk's language. Tracks Ex Yu Roy At The Control, Quantum Computers and Into The Future, strikingly describe today's problems with a rather dark message at the end. The album rounds off with Zoran Jevtic's song set: Man, Women And In-between, Artificial Mind and Ja Sam Tvoj Robot, brilliantly produced tracks with almost synth-pop tone found in Electric Cafe and Tour De France albums. Rich and colorful production done with good-old "right from the start" sound is something any record collector or a DJ whose tastes go beyond the mainstream, will value.

At a time when music and new records are definitely not the mainstream news, we managed to gather the last remaining Yugoslavian electronic music pioneers of Belgrade to record their ultimate LP. This is an opportunity to do something sublime, to support authentic music from a neglected area which will soon exists only in our memories. For the sake of music, against all odds, in spite of all the bad news and fears.

review by Luka Todorovic, Vanja Todorovic


A1 The Time Machine
A2 Robot Men
A3 Transformator
A4 Ex Yu Roy At The Control

B1 Quantum Computers
B2 Into The Future
B3 Men, Women And Inbetween
B4 Artificial Mind
B5 Ja Sam Tvoj Robot


Artwork: Zoran Jevtic
Executive production: Vanja Todorovic, Luka Novakovic
Mastering: Dadi Stojanovic, Studio Kazablanka, Belgrade

Beokraft is a supergroup made of Yugoslavian electronic music pioneers.
The Time Machine is their album inspired by Kraftwerk- the fathers of electronic music.

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