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Darko Rundek/Haustor-ApoCalypso/ Dovitljivi Mali Decaci 2XLP (Clear Vinyls, Dancing Bear 2017)

by Haustor and Darko Rundek

35.00 / Sold Out

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of the cult album "Apocalypso", Hustor's leader Darko Rundek released a new, remastered release called "ApoCalypso", combined with Haustor's never-before-released album " Dovitljivi Mali Decaci (eng. "Ingenious Little Freaks"). The record comes with a booklet with unpublished photos and lyrics.



1. Apocalypse
2. Transit
3. Uajdalalaj
4. More, More
5. Railwaymen's strike
6. Shuvarivarivo
7. Black Souls
8. Senor
9. Old Boy
10. Branches We Are In The Wind
11. For Us
12. Theme 58

Dovitljivi Mali Decai:

1. Breathing
2. Hiawatha
3. Same picture
4. Sea more
5. Señor