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Janko Nilovic And Lavotta Árpád – Parisian Dreams 7" Broc Recordz, HMG01PDV

by Janko Nilovic

18.00 / Sold Out

In cooperation with Pusher Distribution, Discom distribution presents you an archive masterpiece: Janko Nilovic And Lavotta Árpád – Parisian Dreams

"What you have here, pouring out of your listening devices, is Parisian Dreams. A genre-busting, generation-spanning, cross-pollination of 21st century beatmaking and 1970’s psychedelic composition. The styles are myriad. Running the gamut, between acoustic folky guitar riffs, through fuzzy movie-soundtrack textures, hitting grooves that land somewhere between dub and funky breakbeat jazz.
MPC producer Yeti recently found himself in a session with one of his musical heroes, Janko Nivolic. A veteran composer of psychedelic funk and jazz dating back to the late 1960’s. In his digging and sampling obsession Yeti had marvelled at the compositions of Mr Nivolic for years, collecting these rarities, mostly found on obscure Library records.
The title ‘Parisian Dreams’ is highly significant as is explained in this anecdote from Yeti. “At the session that I was involved in with Janko in Paris, he showed up with a score that he had conceived while dreaming the previous night. He awoke at 5 AM, scribbled it down immediately and brought it with him to the session. He didn’t need to take it over to the piano, to check if it made sense. He just knew it did. Blew my mind!” So, sit back and absorb these magical sounds from the sub-conscious of an 80 year-old musical legend, combined with punchy beats, from a revered MPC pad-tapper, specially designated, to give your woofers a workout. DJ Ollie Teeba". (Text by Soundsci/The Herbaliser)."


A Parisian Dreams 3:13
B Until I See You Again 3:29

Artwork [Cover Collage] – Openmind
Composed By – G. Molleton*, J. Nilovic*, A. Lavotta*
Liner Notes – DJ Ollie Teeba*
Hand numbered 190 copies (according to Bandcamp)