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Janko Nilovic-Pop Impressions LP, Underground Records, UR651

by Janko Nilovic

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In cooperation with Ammonite Records, Discom distribution presents you an archival masterpiece: Janko Nilovic-Pop Impressions LP

Janko Nilovic is probably the most intriguing jazz/funk/soul/psych artist with Yugoslavian origins. Born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1941 from Montenegrin father and Greek mother, he spent the most of his life in France where he composed a fascinating number of pieces which were published on library labels not available for sale. He says that he has recorded at least 150 albums and maybe even twice more using different pseudonyms: Alan Blackwell, Emiliano Orti, Johnny Montevideo, Andy Loore, Heinz Kube, Bill Mayer, Ennio Morandi, Phillipe Gray, The Texas Travellers and more. He is still very active and composing in all the styles as he used to (classical, pop, jazz, funk...). In 2010 Nilovic won a Grammy award for Jay-Z's track D.O.A.(Death of Auto-Tune), his songs were sampled by Dr. Dre, No I.D and many others.

Pop impression is remastered LP originally released in 1972 by French library label Editions Montparnasse 200. Beautifully composed and arranged journey through different styles, where every song brings a new refined musical pleasure, like you are jumping into the 70's French crime movie with a lot of pictures of landscapes, fashion, design, architecture, existing people and situations. Ethereal vocals from the main title Pop Impression, makes your dreaming sweet, tender and infinite.

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic


A1 Concerto Pour Piano Compressé
A2 Sacha Pacha
A3 Trumpet Sketches
A4 Pop' Impressions
A5 Atoma
A6 Scratching Machine

B1 Ballet Dans L'Espace
B2 Essai Pop Art
B3 Prélude Pour Une Rose Noire
B4 Blow Down
B5 Pop Avenue
B6 Psycho Sound

Composed by, Directed by-Janko Nilovic
Sound Engeener- Pierre Guichon
Performer - Dave Sucky
Producer - Louis Delacour

Pressed by Sound Sculpture

Released by Underdog Records, 2014