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Lenhart Tapes-Duets LP (Pop Depresija – PD064, 2021)

by Lenhart Tapes


Lenhart Tapes is a one-man-cassette-tape-manipulator and he has been mostly known for his live, striking and unforgettable live performances. Yes, walkmans are his musical instruments, and he does a live mix of selected material from his cassette collection on top of the rhythmic loops.

“I have been a passionate collector of audio cassettes for a very long time. Field recordings, rare folk music, spoken word and sound propaganda material, various musical genre albums – you name it, I probably have it. Before I ventured into my solo project, I was playing music in various underground music bands in Serbia. And then, in October 2010, Lenhart Tapes was born. My album “Duets” was released on September 10th, 2021. It was published on vinyl by Pop Depresija and Novo Doba. I started working on this material back in 2012 with the idea of incorporating live female folkie vocals into a bunch of cassette-sampled noise I was doing back in the days. The result was a compilation of unpublished songs recorded between 2014-2018 and mixed in 2019.”

Lenhart is playing solo shows, but also with vocalists Tijana Stanković, Mirjana Raić, Svetlana Spajić, Zoja Borovčanin and occasionally with five-or-more piece Lenhart Tapes Orchestra.

Svetlana Spajić made a comment about working with Lenhart Tapes: “One of the secrets of Lenhart’s living and original work is that he is one of the few artists who truly knows how to make room for a singer, a song and a human voice. Lenhart cultivates deep respect, awe almost, towards the singer as the creator and the song as the bearer of the old and the traditional. The voice you hear breathing in the final recording on the record is the fruit of the artist’s humanity and respect shown in every step: from the first contact and friendship, through freedom and trust while working in the studio, to finally, the attentive and loving treatment of the voice and singer in production. With such an attitude, Lenhart brings to life also those voices that came to him from forgotten old singles and cassettes. Many could learn from Lenhart’s approach. This is perhaps the main reason why his music is irresistible and why it is a living tradition”.


A1 Kuća Arifova
Featuring – Mirjana Raić
A2 Moje nôžke
Featuring – Mirjana Raić
A3 Nestiskaj mi milý ručku
Featuring – Svetlana Spajic
A4 Rakija Me Otrua
Featuring – Mirjana Raić
B1 Moj Hatixhe
Featuring – Mirjana Raić
B2 Kuzum Bela Edije
Featuring – Mirjana Raić
B3 Žao mi je što sam ostario
Featuring – Svetlana Spajic
B4 Kurvin Vodenjak
Featuring – Orchestra*

Produced by Igor Čubrilović except (*) produced and mixed by Jovan “Shpira” Obradović |
Recorded at studio Montaña (Beograd) by Nikola Cakić and Dragan Mihajlović, except (*) recorded at Materra mesto (Novi Sad) by Vladimir Rašković and Filip Đurović |
Additional recordings at studio Galapagos and studio Zev (Beograd) by Igor Čubrilović |

Editing, arranging and mixing by Igor Čubrilović and Vladimir Lenhart |
Mastered by James Plotkin |
Cover art and design by Johanna Marcadé-Mot |
Published by Novo doba & Pop Depresija |
released September 10, 2021

Vladimir Lenhart - tape, manipulations, samples (A1-B4), loops (A1-B3), bass (B4) |
Igor Čubrilović - extra drum programming, bass, synths, FXs (A1-B3), keyboards (A2), samples, guitar (B2) |
Mirjana Raić - vocals (A1, A2, A4, B1, B2, B4) |
Svetlana Spajić - vocals (A3, B3) |
Dragan Mihajlović - triangle (A3, A4) |
Tomislav Marijanović - saxophone, zurna (A4, B3) |
Milan Milojković - guitar (B4) |
Nikola Dražić - guitar (B4) |
Filip Đurović - drums (B4) |