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Marin Skrgatic-Dawn Of The Yugoslavian Prog-Rock Era (Unreleased Radio Recordings 1970-1976) LP

by Marin Skrgatic

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Taken from Everland press release

First progressive rock arrangements recorded in Yugoslavia
* Unreleased chronology from Croatia’s unsung rock hero (70-76)
* Detailed liner notes on the evolution of the Marin Škrgatić Group
* Fully licensed from the vaults of Croatian Radio Television
* Remastered from original master tapes
* the CD version includes 3 bonus songs, vinyl buyers will get these 3 bonus songs in the FREE DOWNLOAD of the album

Another lost musical treasure unearthed by the Everland-YU imprint! Seven years have passed since this material landed in our hands and we counted the days since we could give it the justice it deserves. Fully licensed and remastered from original master tapes, this chronologically arranged LP is a collection of previously unreleased radio recordings all of which have one thing in common: the unmistakably original musical ideas and vocal performances of Marin Škrgatić (1950-2014). Marin was a Croatian prog-rock pioneer, who as a result of a series of unfortunate circumstances, did not receive much recognition in the dawn of the Yugoslavian prog-rock era. In their prime, his groups were an active and well-acknowledged underground phenomenon, filling stadiums and music halls all over... more
released April 26, 2023

A1 Soul Sound Band– Ljubavna Pjesma
Composed By, Lyrics By – Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk
Engineer – Radan Bosner
A2 Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk– Uzmi Riječi
Composed By – Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk
Lyrics By – Marin Škrgatić
A3 Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk– Prvi Put
Composed By – Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk
Engineer – Srećko Orlić
A4 Grupa Škrgatić-Tarbuk– Trenutak Jedne Misli
Composed By – Radovan Tarbuk
Lyrics By – Marin Škrgatić
A5 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Bumbarov Pjev
Composed By, Lyrics By – Marin Škrgatić
Engineer – Petko Kantardžijev
B1 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Prirodi
Arranged By – Grupa Marina Škrgatića
Composed By, Lyrics By – Miljenko Srdarević
Engineer – Petko Kantardžijev
B2 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Čežnja (Alternate Take)
Composed By, Lyrics By, Arranged By – Marin Škrgatić
Engineer – Srećko Orlić
B3 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Karneval
Composed By, Lyrics By, Arranged By – Zlatko Tomerlin
B4 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Rastanak
Composed By, Lyrics By, Arranged By – Goran Šubašić
Engineer – Srećko Orlić
B5 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Tko Remeti Tvoj Mir
Composed By, Lyrics By – Marin Škrgatić
Engineer – Petko Kantardžijev
B6 Grupa Marina Škrgatića– Prijateljstvo
Composed By, Lyrics By, Arranged By – Vladimir Georgev
Engineer – Srećko Orlić