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Various-Novi Sad Punk Hardcore In The 90's Vol.3 LP(5A PRO, Booklet, Stickers,2024)

by Blitzkrieg , Jedino Resenje , and Pure Impact ,

22.00 / Sold Out

The third vinyl release from the edition "33 RPM - Novi Sad Punk Hardcore in the 90s" saw the light of day a few days ago. On this record there are three Oi punk bands from Novi Sad that marked the second half of the 90s - the second demo of Blitzkrieg, the only recordings of the band Jedno riješte and the entire second and two bonus songs from the first demo of Pure Impact. As before, the release itself is accompanied by a rich booklet with photos, song lyrics, stickers and a biography of each band. This record will be officially promoted when the 16th issue of Out Of The Darkness fanzine. More information coming soon.

To remind you, the first edition of this edition contained demos of Atheist Rap, Fear of Dog, Kapetan Leshi and Fluorel pačkaš, while the second one contained demos of Mitesers, KNO, Invalida uma and Out of Control.