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Oskarova Fobija-Synth-Pop 1983-86 LP Discom, DCM-013 (Exclusive Limited 180 gram Vinyl)

by Oskarova Fobija


In today's world colored by insecurity, superficial consumerism and greed it is very difficult to find an authentic field of action that satisfies the highest artistic and aesthetic preferences. Caused by hyperproduction, algorithmic promotion and predictability, contemporary music seems to lack originality. For almost 10 years, Discom has been searching for genuine art by digging into lesser-known music in one quite specific historical era in a country that doesn't exist anymore, Yugoslavia. In that sense, our latest effort includes Oskarova Fobija-Synth Pop Yugoslavia 1983-86, an LP with 10 previously unpublished songs by 80's Belgrade's synth-pop duo Oskarova Fobija (eng. Oscar's Phobia) founded by Dejan Novcic on synths and Maja Atanasijevic on vocals.

If you are into Videosex, Denis&Denis or Sizike you will enjoy this record a lot, but unlike these bands, Oskarova Fobija has never signed a contract with one of the major labels in Yugoslavia. Their uncompromising attitude to stay pure electronic band and not to change their style towards more guitar-oriented music led them to refuse to sign a contract with RTV Ljubljana to publish their first LP in print of 25.000 copies in 1984. Allegedly, the label signed with Videosex that year and was not interest to have two pure electronic acts with female lead vocals in the same time. However, the band received some recognition by appearing on compilations: Demo Top Ventilator Vol 3 (PGP RTB 1985), The Hidden Tapes (Minimal Wave, 2011), and Yugoslavian Space Program (Discom, 2016), but this is their first full-length release after more than 40 years.

The record is divided into two parts: A side contains their earliest work from 1983-84 and B side contains their production from 1985-86.

There is plenty of naivety and charm on A side: a raw analog synth-pop with you will resonate immediately: from dusty Anticki Poroci ( eng. Antique Vice), cold Narcic (eng. Narcissus) gloomy and slightly spooky Sumrak (eng. Dawn) to dreamy stellar Zvezdarska Suma (eng. Stargazer's Forest ) and synth summer Adriatic ballad Da Li Znas? (eng. Do You Know?),

B side contains a slightly more polished production, but this is still a healthy synth-pop with some journeys to other styles. The opener version of Anticki Poroci from 1984 sounds convincing, yet their previously unpublished version of their most notable song Beli Dekolte (eng. White Neckline) from 1985 sounds surprisingly groovy. However, the most surprising track on the B side is Kucna Muva (eng. Housefly)- a disco octave synth bass rhythm filled with catchy riffs, sequences, and effects-perfect for editing and remixing. At the end, two synth ballads Neobican Par (eng. Unusual Couple) and Cak Ni Ruzan San (eng. Not Even The Bad Dream) close the program and evince how the band's style matured into more jazz/soul expression.

We publish this release with great enthusiasm and dedicate to our dear friend Jamie Tiller, with whom we once enjoyed listening to this undiscovered treasure together.

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic


A side:

1. Anticki Poroci (1983)
2. Narcis (1983)
3. Sumrak (1983)
4. Zvezdarska Suma (1984)
5. Da li Znas? (1983)

B side:

1. Anticki Poroci (1984)
2. Beli Dekolte (1985)
3. Kucna Muva (1986)
4. Neobican Par (1985)
5. Cak Ni Ruzan San (1986)

Music, lyrics, arranged by, synths,sequencers, drum machines: Dejan Novcic
Vocals: Maja Antonijevic (A1-B1); Snezana Jandrlic (B3-B5); Sanja Momcilovic (B2);Sandra Vucenovic (B4)
Keyboard solo: Predrag Stankovic (B4,B5)

Artwork: Tanja Rajkovic
Artwork concept: Dejan Novcic
Design: Luka Novakovic

Exucutive production: Dejan Novcic, Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic

Remastered from the original reel-to-reel tapes and 4-channel cassettes.

Mastering: Dadi Stojanovic

Revox A77 Transfer: Radio Beograd
Tascam 424 transfer: Dejan Sivac

Recorded in Belgrade, Yugoslavia between 1983 and 1986.

Gears used:

1983-84: Korg MS-20; Korg Polyphonic Ensamble, Roland Jupiter-4, Roland TR-808, Roland MC 202

1985-86: Roland TR-808, Roland MC 202, Roland TR-707, Roland TR-727, Roland MSQ-100, Roland JX-8P, Yamaha DX-7

Oskarova Fobija-Synth Pop Yugoslavia 1983-86 LP is a mutual release by Dejan Novcic and Discom and it can be only purchased directly form the record label or artist himself.

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