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Tihomir Pop Asanovic-Pop, Jugoton LP 6084258, 180 gr Vinyl, Gatefold, Insert, Download Card

by Tihomir Pop Asanovic

22.00 / Sold Out

In collaboration with Tihomir Pop Asanovic and Croatia Records (Jugoton), Discom distribution presents you Pop LP, an official reissue of original Jugoton 1976's LP album which is one of the rarest jazz-funk groove records from the former Yugoslavia.

Lesser-known, but equally thrilling as Asanovic's Majko Zemljo first album, Tihomir Pop Asanovic-Pop LP is a true Yugoslavian jazz-funk fusion masterpiece. Fantastic open-free form funk rhythm playing in the manner of Herbie Hancock's Headhunter and Chameleon albums is present on tracks Skakavac (Grasshopper) and Usamljena Devojka (Lonely Girl). Nothing less exciting are latino fusion moments in the theme Playboy as well as R&B beats in Mali Crni Brat (Little Black Brother) and Dodji Drugi Put (Come Another Time). However, the crescendo of the whole album comes in 8 min song Express Novi Sad, with furious rhythm section: amazingly fast bass lines combined with unpredictable drum brakes and three convincing solos: on trumpet, organ, and drums. Besides its fast tempo, the song is so danceable and intensive that soon you'll need a break and relaxation. You will find them on the album's last song Vremena Je Malo (There is too little time), a gentle jazz piano instrumental theme saved for the end.

In a pair with Asanovic's first album, this reissue is a perfect opportunity to fulfill your jazz funk record collection for some reasonable price instead of paying a couple hundred dollars for the originals. In addition, it will perfectly fit in every DJ mix with some quality unknown groovy stuff.

Remastered from original master tapes and under the supervision of Tihomir Pop Asanovic himself, this reissue is made on 180-gram vinyl, luxury gatefold cover with two-sided insert and download card. From our standpoint, one of the best ever Jugoton's releases and must have for every rare groove collector!

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic


A side:

A1 Mali Crni Brat
A2 Skakavac
A3 Plejboj
A4 Usamljena Devojka
A5 Dodji Drugi Put

B side:

B1 Hiljadu Zena
B2 Ekspres Novi Sad
B3 O Ljudima Danas, O Ljudima Juče
B4 Vremena Je Malo

Music, keyboard, production: Tihomir Pop Asanovic
Arrangement: Tihomir Pop Asanovic (tracks: A1, A3, A5, B1, B3)
Bass: Carli Novak
Drums: Ratko Divjak
Guitar: Janez Boncina
Keyboards: Tihomir Pop Asanovic
Percussion: Braco Doblekar
Saxophone (Tenor) : Jernej Podboj
Trumpet, producer : Pero Ugrin
Vocals: Janez Boncina (tracks: B1), Tihomir Pop Asanovic (tracks: A3, B3), Zdenka Kovacicek (tracks: A1, A5)
Lyrics: Dado Topic (tracks: A3, B1, B3)

A&R (Publisher): Zelimir Babogredac
Redesign: Ivo T. Montina
Design,photography: Bata Stojanović, Danilo Štrbac
Reissue editor: Petar Pecur
Liner notes: Petar Peca Popovic, Zlatko Gall
Recording: Pero Razbornik, Miro Bevc
Remastering: Goran Martinac

Recorded at Studio Akademik, Ljubljana
Remastered at Croatia Records Studio

© 2018 Croatia Records (Jugoton), Tihomir Pop Asanovic, all rights reserved