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Vangelic-An Epic Tribute, Digital Album (WAV)

by Vangelic


Four veterans of Yugoslavian electronic scene: Zoran Jevtic (Data,Sizike, Master Scratch Band), Andrej Kljakovic (Digitron), Nikolaj Bezek (Consequential, Beokraft) and Zoran Calic (Max&Intro) despite living and working in different corners of the world decided to create a joint tribute to the impact the legendary composer had on their own music journeys. Sparked by magic that lives on, they simply called their musical landscape – VANGELIC. Composed and recorded this spring in Zagreb, Belgrade, Prague and London, this truly epic tribute features over an hour of breath-taking music which effortlessly traverses electronic genres.

Out on December 1, 2022 on discom.bigcartel.com and all digital stores!

© 2022 Discom, Andrej Kljakovic, Zoran Jevtic, Nikolaj Bezek, Zoran Calic