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Various-Jugoton Funk Vol. 1 (1969-1979), 2XLP (Pre-Order April 17)

by Various


Everland music and Croatia records released Jugoton Funk Vol.1 is the first ever beats, breaks and rare grooves compilation from the former Yugoslavia. The completion consists of a valuable collection of raw funk, psych, prog rock, orchestral disco, big band jazz funk from Yugoslavia recorded between 1969-1979 and which  Jugoton, the most significant record label in the country once released. An important testimony of beginning of "funk" movement in Yugoslavia, or as it described in official liner notes:

"The term "funk" is here used in the broad sense, as the "yugo-funk" idiom emerged decades later from within the record-digging movement. Yugo-funk encompasses a wide variety of performers and genres, from isolated mainstream pop artist experiments to relatively unknown performers gettin' down on small series 7" B-sides. From the 60's merseybeat rock bands to the late 70's sophisticated 4x4 funk, and essentially everything in between. While in pursuit of these treasures all over the Balkan region and beyond, and later while preparing these series, our main goal was to prepare the authentic funk sound of Jugoton and Yugoslavia. So there it is, comb your mustache, light up a fat one, turn up the amplifier handbang away.


A side:

A1 Arsen Dedić- Punom parom 2:37
A2 Marijan Kašaj- Ideja 4:05
A3 Tihomir Pop Asanović-Mali crni brat 3:13
A4 Igor Savin-Alfa 6:03
A5 Ipe Ivandić-Džambo 3:43

B side:

B1 Dalibor Brun-Davni život 4:21
B2 Plesni Orkestar RTV Zagreb-Ljetne skice 3:51
B3 Ljupka Dimitrovska-Šta je tu je 3:35
B4 More -Aerodrom 5:05
B5 Zdravko Čolić-Mujo kuje konja po mjesecu 3:13

C side:

C1 Alfi Kabiljo-Novinar (Theme) 2:30
C2 Mladi Levi-Zaznavoman 2:40
C3 Oko-Tema IV 5:52
C4 Pro Arte-Ko vječnu tugu nosi taj ima pravo da pjeva 3:57
C5 Rok Hotel-Blue jeans 5:02

D side:

D1 Đurđica Barlović-Himna suncu 3:38
D2 Soul Sound Band-Ja te uzalud ljubim 2:46
D3 Kosovski Božuri-Artizane e vogel 2:40
D4 Josipa Lisac-Ležaj od suza 4:34
D5 Ibn Tup-Događaj u Balkan Expressu 3:03
D6 Rok-Dva jarca 3:08


Compiled By, Research, Liner Notes – Dr. Smeđi Šećer, Višeslav Laboš
Legal – Frane Tomašić
Music Librarian, Original stereo master tapes transferred By – Petar Pečur
Photography By – Jozo Ćetković
Proofreader – Dražen Babić
Remastered By – Višeslav Laboš
Sleeve, Design – Sandro Đukić

Limited edition to 500 copies

Shoutouts and thank you's: Breakalicious crew (Sergio, Aesige, Herbal, Verbal&Qwerty), DJ-D-Gree, Marko Čaklović, Tetkine Radosti (Bakto, Borka&Woo-D) DJ Funky Junkie, Peđa Radović, Mr.DIrty Hairy, DJ Bayo, DJ Udo Brenner, Željko Kerleta, Saša Ivanišević, The Croatian Funk Delegation, Funk Club Zagreb, Jazz caffe Tunel Rijeka, Petar Janjatović, Davor Novak, Davor Rocco, Marko Zubak, Vinko Grubišić & Jadran film, Dubravko Jagatić, Zdravko Poštar, Nikša Bratoš, Toni Starešinić, Gabrijela & Dora Tkalec, Lou Berry, www.woodstock-shop.com , Tihomir Vrbanec, Filip Motovunski, and all the people who have ever reached out to us with a pure "dig", and of course all the bloggers, discogers and youtubers out there contributing to the musical legacy of the soon to be extinct Homo sapiens.

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