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Videosex-Videosex LP, RH RSS 26, Edition With Insert

by Videosex

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In collaboration with Rush Hour, Discom distribution presents one of the most wanted Yugoslavian synth-pop albums: Videosex's self-titled LP, originally released by ZKP RTL in 1984.

There are plenty of reasons why this album is regarded as a masterpiece by many collectors, DJs, and music lovers worldwide. In time, the album was a crucial turning point in Yugoslavian popular music: finally, one band appeared who could play electronic instruments live as good as in the studio. Moreover, they played music which sounded very cold and synthetic and yet so much striking with provocative lyrics. Subjects and themes of the lyrics are so much unusual that it cannot be compared to any other lyrics in any album of the 80's Yugoslavia. The first song called "Detektivska Prica" ( eng. Detective Story) is about a girl who seduces unknown men at nightclubs in order to get them to her apartment where she kills them. The next song Ana reveals lesbian liaison, while "U Sjeni Egzoticnih Trava" ( eng. In The Shadow Of Exotic Weeds) is about a cross-dressing guy, the subjects which were taboo in a time. "Kako Bih Volio Da Si Tu" ( eng. How I Wish You Were Here) may sound like a tender love song, but it is about a dude talking about his girlfriend from the other side of the city, and the poor sod has to satisfy his adolescent urges by jerking off to a news reporter. However, the most bizarre lyrics are in the song "Moja Mama" ( eng. My Mother). This track isn't about loving your mom, as you might think while you listen to this cute-naive-little-girl singing. It is about a girl's father who is leaving her pregnant mother, which hanged herself soon after giving birth !

Apart from dark and provocative lyrics, Videosex's music is composed, arranged and produced with some class: a lot of exciting analog synth sounds in front, groovy baselines and attractive Roland TR 808's drum patterns flavored with charming Eastern European female singing. From pulsing beats in "Detektivska Prica", the syncopated rhythm of "Ana", driving groove of "Moja Mama," a twisted arrangement in "U Sjeni Egzoticnih Trava", Arabic synth atmosphere in "1001 Noć" to the punk attitude in "Kako Bih Volio Da Si Tu" and mysterious and hypnotic "Video Sex" and "Neonska Reklama I&II", Videosex explores much wider musical landscapes and leaves brimful, satisfying impression regardless of the genre preferences. The record brings flashback to the '80s in such unique and unforgettable style: welcome to Utopian synth pop Yugoslavia, the land and music which only exist in such relics as this record is !

Review: Luka Novakovic, Vanja Todorovic


A1 Detektivska Prica
A2 Ana
A3 Moja Mama
A4 U Sjeni Egzoticnih Trava
A5 1001 Noc

B1 Kako Bih Volio Da Si Tu
B2 Video Sex
B3 Neonska Reklama
B4 Neonska Reklama II

Vidoesex are: Anja Rupel (vocal), Matjaz Kosi (keyboards), Janez Krizaj (bass), Iztok Turk (drums), Nina Sever (synths)

Music, arrangements, lyrics, production: Videosex (Iztok Turk, Matjaz Kosi, Janez Krizaj, Nina Sever), Kavric-Balant (A3)
Recorded in Studio Ten, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (1984)
Recorded By: Dare Novak
Design: Rudi Skocir

Licenced from RTV Lljubljana. Remastered from original master tapes. Manufactured by Deep Grooves Vinyl Pressing Plant, Holland.

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