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Edits and mixes

9/8/21   zOoTiMe Mix, played on Cosmic Gathering, Chemnitz, 9.8.21

Discom:The Wednesday Mix, made for Ransom Note, 31.10.18 London, UK

4/11/18   The Mixtape 44: Discom, made for The Calvert Journal, 10.4.2018, London, UK

10/23/17 BSS Radio Episode 037 with Essa, played on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

9/21/17  The Other Side with Alexis Le Tan, played 21.9.2017 on LYL Radio, Paris, France

9/19/17  Yugoelectro show, played 19.9.17 on LYL Radio, Paris, France 

3/29/17  LYO#088/Beesmunt Soundsystem, published on Les Yeux Orange's soundcloud page, Paris, France 

3/28/17  UV Funk 046: Yugoelectro Special with Discom, played 17.3.17 on coloRadio 98.4 MHz, Dresden, Germany

3/14/17  BSS Radio Episode 029 with Telephones and Beesmunt Soundsystem, played on Right Light Radio, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3/2/17   Ace & Tate Sounds-guest mix by Beesmunt Soundsystem, publiched 3.1.17 on Ace & Tate soundcloud page, Amsterdam, Netherlands

12/14/16   Channeling w show by Ivan Smagghe and Nathan Gregory Wilkins played 13 Dec 16 on NTS Radio, London, UK

10/25/16  Discom presents Yugoslavian Space Programme, played 25.10.2016 in NM show at Resonance 104.4 FM London, UK

10/20/16  Cosmo Vitelli- Boiler Room Paris DJ Set, played live at Boiler Room Paris X Dailymotion (13.9.2016) 

5/19/16   Discom Record Label Mix Vol.1, published on www.clubinginspain.com as CS Podcast 211: Luka Novakovic, Barcelona, Spain

5/6/16   Resident's Hour: Charlie Smooth (Get Deep), played live on Boiler Room, London, UK

4/5/16   5 Years Of Disco Not Disco part I, by Tako And Jamie Tiller, played live on 20/44 Belgrade, 8 dec. 2012, published on www.mixcloud.com         

4/3/16   Odd Waves II by Steele Bonus, published on www.soundcloud.com

2/4/16    FACT Mix 194: Veronica Vasicka, published on FACT Magazine, UK               

8/22/15  The Extended Play Session by W. Mr Pedro & Daniel Willis, played on NTS radio, London, UK

7/31/15  Yugoelectro Vol.2 by Discom, published on Canela En Surco 072, www.scannerfm.com, Barcelona, Spain

7/16/15  No weapon is absolute No. 26 by DJ Sundae published on I am Cliche show, Rince France

08/6/15  Max&Intro-Ostavi Sve, Kompleks Bpm edit, published on Klubikon's soundcloud chanel, Croatia

4/21/15  Beats in Space #778, part 2, by Joakim and Alexis Le Tan (Full Circle), published on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space WNYU 89.1 FM Radio show. New York, USA

1/25/15  Yugoelectro Vol.1 by Discom, published on Luka Novakovic's and Disco not Disco's mixcloud chanels, Belgrade, Serbia