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31/3/22  At a time when music and newrecord are definetelly not the mainstream news, we managed to gather the last remenaing Yugoslavian electronic music of Belgrade to record their ultimate Beokraft-The Time Machine LP.  This is an opportunity to do something sublime, to support authentic music from a neglected area which soon will exist only in our memories. For the sake of music, against all odds, in spite of all the bad news and fears.

08/08/21 We will be on vacation between 10th and 27th  August '21. For urgent inquries, please contact us at [email protected]


After a long break, finally we have a new release and a pretty interesting one; official edition of the group who pioneered jazz-funk in the former Yugoslavia: Misa Blam I Oni Koji Vole Funky! This 12" record on 45 RPM contains three songs from impossible to find EPs from the 70's and one fantastic previously unpublished track. You can make your order here.


17/8/20 In cooperation with Ammonite Records, Discom distribution introduces Janko Nilovic, probably the most intriguing jazz/funk/soul/psych artist with Yugoslavian origins, In his fascinating musical career, he recorded more than 150 albums. For the beginning, we present Pop Impressions LP and Chorus LP, official reissues of his 70's albums. Meet one of the most talented European artists and make your order here.


27/8/20  For those who are following our work through all these years, we have good news: we moved to the mountains and we will continue our work from there! For the "beginning", we will distribute one amazing record:Angel's Breath LP, an official reissue of a legendary album from 1994 in Brazil by two key Yugoslavian musician Milan (Katarina II) and Suba (Rex Ilusivii) which could be described as "psychedelic samba rock with Balkan influences ". Check music and buy vinyl here.


 25/4/20  Good news: Post Serbia has started to ship internationally, so now we can offer cheap registered shipping with track&trace and insurance in our shop http://discom.bigcartel.com/ and in our discogs store https://www.discogs.com/seller/lukan/profile


3/3/20  Dear friends and Discom supporters,

We have decided to pause our new productions and distribution releases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, you can make your order within this shop and we will ship records via DHL Express, the only shipping company which can now deliver your parcel without significant delay fulfilling the highest safety standards (the product will be in desinfected package and couriers will carry all necessary equipment). Shipping prices for 1-5 LPs are 17.99 EUR and for 6-10 LPs are 19.99 EUR We won't be selling off any of our items respecting our faithful customers who were buying records at regular prices all these years. Although we need money more than ever (the baby came in our humble family label), we think that human lives are the most important in these difficult times.This disease came and spred because of greed and stupidity. The only way to stop is to act smart and to focus on the most important things we have -our lives. Then we will be able to find the place for other important things such as music, so stay home and be safe.


Luka And Vanja


25/12/19  We have introduced a new shipping service: DHL EXPRESS 72 HOURS WORLDWIDE DELIVERY- the fastest and the most reliable door-to-door service in the world! Every shipment has a track and trace option with SMS and email notification of exact date and time of delivery! Ideal for your multiple orders:                         1-5 LP for 17.99 EUR, 6-10 LPs for 19.99 EUR! 


16/9/19  Lost and found! Another amazing discovery from the former Yugoslavia: Sizike-Night Club 1985-86 LP, is a collection of 9 previously unpublished italo-disco tracks recorded for the 80's UK scene, by oddball queens Sizike and their leaders Zoran Vracevic and Zoran Jevtic! This very special record will premiere in pink vinyl on November 25! You can make your order here.


11/9/19  For those who missed Max Vincent- The Future Has Designed Us LP, we will press some additional copies!  You can make your order here.


28/8/19 Good news: we sold all copies of Videosex's LP.  Even better news: Rush Hour will do another print with special insert that will include liner notes made by ourselves! You can make your order here.

25/7/19    A moment of history captured for future generations! The first ever published electronic song in the former Yugoslavia "T.V."  by group Beograd appears on TV Beograd 1 for he first time ever time! 37 years later, it is first time ever on Discom Youtube channel ! Enjoy!  

31/5/19    Happy to announce that Du Du A-Du Du Archive 1984-1989 LP is released now! We will organize shipping from Germany on June 6-7 with favorable prices (international with tracking 6.5 EUR, local 3.99 EUR). Thank you for your support !


15/5/19  Dear friends, 

We would kindly ask you for a couple of moments of your attention, since we would like to inform you about a few aspects of our mission you probably haven't heard of:

1. For every our release you bought (including direct sale), we share profit 50%,50% with artists, their families (if artists are not alive) and copyright owners.

2. We have never received any donation, funds or help from any institution nor in our country, nor in the world, although we promote lesser-known local musical and cultural heritage to the international public

3. Thanks to our partners Duophonic GmbH, we have started to produce records as "climate neutral" products. Climate-neutral means that the CO2 emissions generated during vinyl manufacturing are calculated and compensated by investing in climate protection projects such as sustainable forest management, industrial pollution management and water source protection.

Our label exists solely thanks to the people who buy our releases and we will continue to bring you new musical treasures in the future, striving for the highest ethical principles of responsibility.


1/5/19  In cooperation with Sub Rosa record label, Discom distribution presents Acezantez's self-titled LP,  a cult Yugoslavian avant-garde record, originally released by Jugoton in 1977. You can read review and buy a record here.


4/21/19  In collaboration with Rush Hour, Discom distribution presents one of the most wanted Yugoslavian synth-pop records: Videosex's self-titled LP originally released by ZKP RTL in 1984.  You can read the review and make your order here.


3/31/19  In cooperation with Biveco Records, Discom distribution presents you previously unpublished self-titled The Glissers LP album, an important testimony of 90's Belgrade jazz scene.


3/18/19 Discom proudly presents Du Du A-Du Du Archive 1984-1989 LP a collection of previously unpublished and rare tracks of Belgrade's cult band Du Du A. Discover the music of the group whose leaders Dejan Kostic and Zoran Zagorcic primed for their never-released second album and find out why they earned a cult status among DJs and collectors worldwide!


1/7/18   In cooperation with Tihomir Pop Asanovic and Croatia Records, Discom distribution presents you official reissues of two amazing Yugoslavian jazz-funk groove records:  Tihomir Pop Asanovic-Majko Zemljo LP  from 1974 and Tihomir Pop Asanovic-Pop LP  from 1976. Great opportunity to fullfil your collection of rare groove records!


11/13/18  We have sent all pre-ordered copies of Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP. They should arrive to European countries this week and to the rest of the world next week. Thank you !


10/31/18  Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP has been released! For all pre-ordered records, we will organize shipping from Germany on November 8-9. Thanks for your support!


10/31/18  We made a mix of Yugoslavian oddball clasics for Ransom Note. You can listen it here.


10/25/18   In cooperation with Chez Emile Records, Discom distribution presents you Lola V. Stain-Ikona LP, a long-awaited reissue of cult Yugoslavian record-an eclectic assortment of ambient, ethereal soundscapes, dreamy percussions and other wordlly influences! Buy it here.


10/5/18  Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP has been recommended by Psychemagik !


10/3/18  Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP has been reviewed in Japanese. You can read it here,


10/1/18  We have published official video for Consequential-Magic Key. You can check it here.


9/27/18  In cooperation with Doomed To Extinction Records, Discom distribution presents you another overlooked 80s electronic record from the fomer Yugoslavia: a self-titled Romanticne Boje album! 


 9/10/18 We are happy to announce our new archival release: Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP, a collection of 10 previously unreleased tracks by two Yugoslavian electronic music pioneers, Zoran Jevtic and Nikolaj Bezek! Thanks to Roland MC-4B analog sequencer, System 100M modular synth and SVC-350 & VP-330 vocoders, Jevtic and Bezek created uncompromised music they liked the most: a combination of catchy vocoder based 80s electronica strongly influenced by Italo disco and experimental synthpop! Check the teaser.


5/28/18  We have launched a new line of our branded shirts and bags. You can check it here.


5/28/18  Last month, we traveled more than 3400 km in order to be the first label ever from the former Yugoslavia who participated at world's greatest independent record label fair: Independent Label Market in Brussels April 7-8. Here you can check photo galery.


5/9/18  We have sent all pre-ordered copies of Max Vincent-Beograd LP and the second print of Yugoslavian Space Program LP. They should arrive in EU countries this week, and in the rest of the world next week!


4/30/18  Max Vincent-Beograd LP has been officially released! We are so happy to bring you another gem from this amazing artist and thrilled to see that his arts still lives! Thanks you!


4/25/18  Max Vincent- Beograd LP has been recommended by Psychemagik:

" When it comes to analog sampling, production of vocals, and 80s synth pogramming, this guy is one of the best ever"  source: Psychemagik official facebook page


4/16/18  Max Vincent-Beograd LP  and the new print of Yugoslavian Space Program LP  are coming out on April 30 ! We will organize shipping with favorable prices from Germany on May 3-4 including shipping of releases from our distribution: hand signed Beograd-T.V. EP  and Arian LP !


4/16/18  In cooperation with Favorite Recordings, Discom distribution presents you an official reissue of Arian, a rare Yugoslavian disco album originally released in 1981 by PGP RTB label and fully recorded in New-York. Don't miss this yugo boogie pearl!


4/15/18  Review  of Max Vincent- Beograd LP has been published in Italian! You can read it here.


4/10/18   Check out this great interview and mixtape we made for The Calvert Journal! Here is the link. Enjoy!


3/13/18  Max Vincent- Beograd LP has been reviewed in Cold Experiment, a Japanese Coldwave/ Minimal Synth Wave web magazine. You can read the article here. 


3/12/18  Discom is the first ever label from the former Yugoslavia who will participate in the world largest independent label market fair:  Independent Label Market in Brussels April 7-8.  Vanja will be guest at SheSaid.So conference with aim to highlight women in music. In addition, we prepared a lot of exclusives and surprises. Finally, that's the chance to meet you in person.


3/7/18  Finally, we made it possible: limited hand signed numbered edition of 50 Yugoslavian Space Program posters! One of the most original artworks could you have! You can make your order here.


2/16/18   In April 2018, we are going to release another print of Yugoslavian Space Program LP!  Everyone who missed this release will have opportunity to buy it at original price! You can make your order here.


2/15/18  In collaboration with group Beograd, Discom distribution presents you an official reissue of the first ever electronic record in former Yugoslavia: Beograd T.V. EP, ANNA 036, hand signed by three founding members in supper limited quantity of 20 copies! Don't miss this beautifull piece of electronic music history!


1/31/18  We are very proud to announce our next release Max Vincent-Beograd, a collection of  8 previously unreleased tracks from 1986-1999 which Max intended to use in one concept album- a combination of socially engaged and musical biography! You can check out the teaser here.


1/25/17   Discom celebrates its 3rd birthday! We wish to thank you for your support and to call you to enjoy in this delicious cake! Stay tuned, next week will announce our next release!


 12/2/17  Wonderful review of DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind? LP published in The Noise Magazine. You can read it here.


 11/10/17  We sent all pre-ordered DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind? LPs.  They should arrive in EU countries next week and the rest of the world within next week. Thanks to all people who bought the record in pre order! Without you our work would't be possible! 


10/31/17  DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind? LP is coming out!  We will organize  shipping from Germany on November 8-10 ! Thank you for your support! We are so happy that we have opportunity to bring you this beauty !


10/9/17  Check out the promo video for DATA-Legenda song from forthcoming LP DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind?  Here is the link.


  27/9/17  Acclaimed London based producers Psychemagik, who are well known for their beautiful remixing and editing work, gave a preise for the very first edits and remixes in former Yugoslavia, which is going to be released in Could You Find Your Anlog Mind? LP. You can read it here. 


9/8/2017  Vice's music magazine Noisey published and article about our forthcoming release: DATA Was the King of Belgrade's 80s Minimal Electro Scene  !


8/29/17  We are happy to announce our next release: DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind? DCM-005 LP compilation with 12 previously unreleased tracks of group DATA made between 1981 and 1984. It shows both Jevtic and Vracevic as pioneers of analog remixing and editing as well as composers of early Yugoslavia synth pop under influence of Japanese scene! Here you can hear the teaser!


 5/15/17   We have sent all pre ordered 37°C- Sidarta records! They should arrive in EU countries this week and in the rest of the world next week! Hugest thanks for your patience and support!


 4/17/17  37°C-Sidarta LP is coming out! We will organize shipping from Germany in May 8-10 ! Thanks a lot for your support! We are so happy that we brought a new life to this lost gem!


 4/13/17  A beautiful review of forthcoming 37°C- Sidarta LP by Nikos Filippaios and Dimitris Kaltsas from Prorocks.gr! "Uncompromising prog rock from former Yugoslavia" You can read it here.


 3/11/17  Song Sidarta by 37°C was broadcasted for the very first time on Red Light Radio, Amsterdam. You can check out the lovely mix made by Beesmunt Soundsystem and Telephones here.


3/11/17   Our forthcoming release 37C°-Sidarta LP had been recommended by Pshychemagik, the UK duo, known for their sensational edits, obscenely vast record collections, beautiful production work and transcendent mixtape journeys! You can read it in their facebook page.


3/10/17  Berlin's prominent Electronic Beats Magazine wrote an article about Discom and our forthcoming release 37°C-Sidarta LP. You can read it here.


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1/31/17   Discom's research on unknown and neglected music from former Yugoslavia continues! This time we go deep into the 70’s electronic, experimental, fusion and prog rock and we present you group 37°C with their album Sidarta. In the time when Gary Numan recorded "Are 'Friends' Electric?" in Gooseberry Studio in London in 1979, a group of skilled musicians, also known as Boban Petrovic's backing band, booked the same studio to record an album. These were the first recordings ever of Bebi Dol and Silva Delovska from KIM band. Check out the  teaser  !


12/30/16   Yugoslavian Space Program LP is one of the records which marked 2016 according to leading magazine for electronic music in Spain www.clubbinginspain.com


12/26/16  Review of Yugoslavian Space Program LP is published in the new issue of Spex Magazine, the most prominent magazine for popular culture in Germany!


12/18/16 Important day for the history of Eastern European music: Yugoslavian Space Program LP is number 12 and the new album of Yello-Toy is Number 13 on Juno Records Coldwave/Synth Bestseller list!


12/18/16  Yugoslavian Space Program LP is on Phonica Records list of The Best Compilation for 2016!

No 20: "Discom Records effort to highlight Eastern European sounds is worthy of note here, check their other releases!"


12/12/16  The whole print of Yugoslavian Space Program LP had been sold out in pre sale! Thanks a lot for your amazing support! We are looking forward for new prints and new releases!


11/14/16  Enjoy this brilliant vintage video of Digitron- Digital Minds song from Yugoslavian Space Program LP made by Digitron themselves!


11/7/16  Yugoslavian Space Program LP and new print of Sizike- U Zemlji Cuda With Lost DATA Tracks LP are open for pre order!  You can buy them in this page! Shipping dates are 28-30 November from Germany. SPECIAL SHIPPING PRICE FOR 2 LPs, INTERNATIONAL WITH TRACKING: 10 EUR!


10/29/16  Yugoslavian Space Program LP has been reviewed in All About Jazz, the best jazz online magazine in the world! You can read it here. Hugest thanks to Nenad Georgievski!


9/22/16  Very nice recommendation of Yugoslavian Space Program LP by Danny McLewin (Psychemagik) Thanks Danny!


9/9/16  New print is coming out! Everyone who missed out Sizike- U Zemlji Cuda With Lost DATA Tracks LP last spring will have a new chance to buy it at original price in October 2016!


9/1/16  We are happy to announce that we are going to release Yugoslavian Space Program -the first ever electronic space themed record from former Yugoslavia! Here  you can check out the teaser.


5/5/16  Sizike- U Zemlji Cuda With Lost DATA Tracks  is on the Juno Plus list of best reissues and archival releases for May 2016! What a  review !

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4/19/16  The whole print of  Sizike-U Zemlji Cuda With Lost DATA Tracks LP  has been sold in pre sale! Thanks a lot for your support! We are looking forward for new prints and new releases!  


 3/28/16  Sizike-U Zemlji Cuda with lost DATA Tracks LP is coming out in April 16! You can make your order here . SPECIAL SHIPPING PRICES!  If you buy two LP in our store, we are giving you a special price of 10 EUR for worldwide shipping and if you buy three LPs, we are giving you price of 12 EUR for international shipping !


3/18/16 We have published an interview with Zoran Jevtic (Jevta) and Zoran Vracevic (Vrac) , founding members of DATA, Sizike, The Master Scratch Band! You can read it here.


1/12/15 Super thrilled to announce our next release:Sizike-U Zemlji Cuda with lost DATA tracks LP  made by two most important guys for the whole 80's electronic scene in Belgrade: Zoran Jevtic and Zoran Vracevic. It will be an official reissue of 6 songs from original U Zemlji Cuda LP from 1985 and 6 never released songs from group DATA from 1981-1984. More info coming soon!


5/1/2016  One of the most appreciated DJs and producers in Europe, Alexis Le Tan charted Max Vincent- The Future Has Designed Us LP as one of the best records in 2015!


12/19/16  Max Vincent- The Future Has Designed Us LP in on the Juno Plus list of best releases for 2015 chosen by their stuff!


11/23/15  From now on, you can follow us on eBayTwittertumbrl and on official YouTube channel!


9/3/15   Due significant amount of request to do another print of Boban Petrovic-Zora LP, we have decided to do another print. You can buy it in our store at original price Boban Petrovic - Zora, LP, DND 001 Records will be available in September 30.


  7/1/15  Max Vincent- The Future Has Designed Us LP is on the Juno Plus list of best reissues and archival releases for June 2015! You can read review her e 6/22/15   Max Vincent- The Future Has Designed Us LP is officially out ! You can make your order on this  page  ,on  our  facebook page , in our  discogs  store and in the most prestigious record stores worldwide! Thanks a lot for your support! We hope you will enjoy Max's music a lot!

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5/14/15 Discom created a new video for Max Vincent-Never say Never song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eCQZRRYIpA . Enjoy!


4/22/15 Last night we had US broadcasting premiere on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space radio show on WNYU 89.1 FM NYC. Alexis Le Tan & Joakim played Max Vincent- Odlazim https://soundcloud.com/discom-1/10-odlazim, right after opening theme. It is an honor to present Max's music in one of the most important underground dance shows in the world ! Here you can hear the whole show.


3/14/15 We have published an interview with Intro (Zoran Calic), founding member of Max&Intro duo! You can read it here.


3/7/15 We are on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/discom-1 Now, you can listen our sound samples and make your favorites!


  2/27/15 We have opened our facebook page Discom. Please like our page and find information about our activities and future releases. There, you can also directly buy records from us, make questions about business issues, licensing, copyright etc ...


  2/27/15 We are proud to announce our first release: Max Vincent- "The future has designed us" LP . It will be an official compilation of 10 songs, never released before, made as a lifework of Belgrade's techno-synth pop pioneer Max Vincent (1967-2004), mainly known as Max&Intro! Hear you can hear a promo teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ51Qetga2g .


 1/25/15 Welcome to the official web page of Discom record label! We are starting from this date on and we will continue to work as Disco not Disco record label as well, but with some fresh ideas and new concept in our new label. Hence, we will focus more on 80's electronic music, trying to complete the story about ex yu electronic scene. Looking forward to share music that we love with you!